About W.E.

What is Conscious Dance?

Imagine coming into a room where there is 'full permission'. The music progresses through different rhythms and emotional expressions, while your body stretches, skips, stomps, dances, and sits in full presence. All of this with no formal steps to follow-- just a safe, welcoming space to become present and express, in whatever ways you feel called in the moment. That’s conscious dance.

What to Expect

  • We gather at 10am beginning with our opening circle setting the stage for our unique time together.

  • We dance and move for an hour, freely expressing whatever comes forward.

  • We gather in closing circle to share our experience and re-center before greeting the rest of the day.

Power of Music

During the one hour of music, we listen to a wide variety of genres and 'textures' inspired by Gabrielle Roth's Five Rhythms: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. This conscious dance musical arc allows us to access a wide range of emotions and physical movement. The music has the power to uplift the sprit, inspire wild expression, empower us with new found strength, rejuvenate the heart, mind, body, and soul, and so much more. These different textures of music are the natural rhythms of heart, rhythms of the body, rhythms of life!

Want to listen?

Here is an example of a playlist.

Wild Embodiment (W.E.) Values

WE are Wild!

  • WE honor play, fun, creativity, and intuition.

  • WE invoke free embodiment of creature spirit.

  • WE allow expansive emotions through sound and movement.

WE are Embodied!

  • WE listen inwardly and move outwardly.

  • WE explore intuitive movement.

  • WE discover the wisdom of our bodies.

WE are Community!

  • WE hold belonging, inclusivity, and transparency as essential.

  • WE strive to move forward by means of consensus.

  • WE require respectful communication from our hearts.

WE claim responsibility for our own experience.