We are fueled by 100% Volunteer Power!

The joys of being a self-run, non-hierarchical community are unbounded. By stepping into volunteer opportunities to help facilitate a dance session, not only is it an incredible contribution to our movement, but we each can take part-ownership of what we are creating and it feels great! However, volunteering is never an obligation, and people's availabilities vary. Your presence with us is the biggest gift.

How Volunteering Works

There are many roles that allow our community to thrive, and you can step into as many or as few as you'd like. For each session, at least one or two people arrive early to set up the space. One volunteer facilitates dance each time, reading the opening mission statement and invocation, and overseeing the sharing circle at the end. Another volunteer manages the music each time (and others support by creating pre-made set lists). Afterwards, many participants stay to help break down the room and put everything away.

It's easier than you might imagine!

To sign up for any volunteer post:

1) Talk to other volunteers at the dances and shadow someone.

2) Click here to sign up for a slot!

3) You'll receive an email from Michael with more information.